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New Publication on Blood Transfusion Launched


The Ministry of Health through the National Blood Transfusion Service, NBTS, is pleased to announce that it will launch a publication on best practice in transfusion medicine titled Transfusion Basic Guidelines, Principles and Practice 2011 on September 13 at 10 am at the head office of the Ministry of Health, 2-4 Kings Street, Kingston.


This publication has been developed to provide guidance in the practice of transfusion medicine in accordance with Good Clinical Practice. It is in keeping with the World Health Organization integrated strategy to promote blood safety while lessening the risks associated with transfusion.


The guidelines are expected to achieve the following objectives:

·      Improve the consistency and appropriateness of transfusion practice in Jamaica

·      Promote the integration of quality management systems into transfusion practice

·      Minimize transfusion-related complications

·      Increase consumer awareness of the benefits and risks of blood component therapy and

·      Conserve on blood, a limited resource.


This is a manual for easy quick reference which is useful for most categories of healthcare providers. It does not substitute for textbooks but offers guiding principles for those who intend to treat using blood or blood components. The introduction of the publication is expected to result in better outcome in patient care and greater efficiency in blood and blood component use arising from the implementation of improved and appropriate clinical use of blood.

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Mother and Baby Saved : A Blood Recipient Story

NOTE: This testimonial also has an associated audio public service announcement, scroll to the end to listen.

"Voluntary blood donation saved my life and that of my little angel"

Andrea Stanley is grateful to be alive.  In October 2007 when she was about 34 weeks pregnant she began having premature contractions which eventually led to her being ... read more

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